Winding down…

this is a week of closing circles, of sharing contacts.  of saying goodbyes. my pen has been silent. we are concentrating on reading and sharing the fruits of our work here, me and my pens, my cameras.


after this i head to an area of equal beauty in the peninsula of Snaefellsnes. where a kind family has offered me a room in their farmhouse for a few days. i look forward to it, to make more friends. they also have three border collies 🙂


the drive down to Snaefellsnes should also provide much beauty and opportunities to enjoy the scenery.


i look forward to it, although i do not look forward to saying goodbye

a long farewell…

Dear Icelandic friends in Ólafsfjördur and all around the fjord,

i dont want to leave here, but i must start making plans for it – i have the opportunity to drive through Iceland a few days so i thought i should take it.

for now i am planning on leaving sunday the 24th for a night in Akureyri and then rent a car to drive across the country and stop at a couple of places along the way, before arriving in Reykjavik on April 30th.

i plan to perform another reading before i leave on friday april 22nd.

i still have a little more than a week here, but i want you to know i will dearly miss you all and wanted to thank you in advance for all the wonderful times we have shared.

Iceland, as many of you know, has always been a dream for me, and my weeks here have made it all the more wonderful.

yes, i will return…i have to…i am leaving part of myself here

Chasing Light

i was fortunate last night. my friend Hrönn lent me a car so i would not freeze, the night sky was clear, there was little wind, and the northern lights came out in force. pictures simply do not do justice to the beauty of the lights. they appear everywhere in the sky. no matter where you look the lights are out and sometimes they dance around each other creating a colorful show that lights up the night. it is a sight that few people see. i am happy to say i did, and hope that i can share at least a sense of it with you here. the video at the end is not very good, the camera i had is not good for video, but i hope it gives you a small glimpse of what happened last night in the sky.


Red Sun – Röðull

today i met Red Sun (Röðull), the Icelandic horse. for me it is a big deal since i have not been around horses for nearly forty years after being thrown off more than once. it was for me a wonderful experience to be near it and have it allow me to touch it and caress it while it tried as well to figure me out. Red Sun, is the name, and in its eyes i think i found a story…